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Kim Konopka

Received her education in United States, France, and Holland. She is an award-winning, published writer whose credits include essays, short stories, poetry, and more. She has performed her work in Europe and throughout America, including a visit to The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. where she and several other invited poets read their work as part of American Poet Laureate Billy Collin's Poetry For The People.

At the Santa Fe Borders Bookstore she produced and emceed a monthly poetry series that featured local and visiting poets from around the country.

Many of her poems (with or without permission) appear on several international blogs.

After living for two years in Paris she traveled to Morocco and Algeria. In Morocco she lived in the charming sea side city of Eassouira where each day she climbed the narrow stairs to her apartment building's rooftop and wrote the chapters for her first novel. This novel is now in its final stages of completion. She has some-what settled on the east coast of the United States, but preferring a nomadic lifestyle, Kim continues to divide her time between America, France and Africa.

In Morocco and France she taught private ESL classes. In the USA she produces poetry workshops and continues to teach private English classes. She speaks French and is currently learning Arabic.

Current projects include a series of short stories loosely based around the theme of the world's depressed economy. Her previously published myth, The Night Raven, is being drafted into an illustrated novel.


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The Hell With Love: Poems To Mend A Broken Heart, Warner Books

Reviews: Women.com , Girlposse.com

Kiss Off: Poems To Set You Free, Warner Books

Publisher's WeeklyMy Shelf

You Drive Me Crazy: Love Poems for Real Life, Warner Books

Publisher's WeeklyMy Shelf

Mothers And Daughters, A Poetry Celebration, Random House

Reviews: exploring womanhood.com



Eldorado Sun

California Quarterly

Coloring Book Coloring Book
Spectral Line

River Talk 2003
Sante Fe Reporter Sante Fe Reporter

River Talk 2002
Sante Fe Reporter The Distillery

River Talk 2001
Sante Fe Reporter Central Avenue

New Mexico Kids
Sante Fe Reporter Writers Without Borders

Timber Creek Review
Sante Fe Reporter Thorny Locust

Word is Bond


Professional Experience

Creative Writing Consultant
~ Consult with writers regarding their manuscripts
~ Specialize in editing copy to create powerful content
~ Advise ways to improve writing

Organized the Second Annual Poetry Art Festival - Santa Barbara, California
~ Coordinated and installed incoming art
~ Judged art and poetry
~ Planned and presented the awards
~ Scheduled poetry reading for the closing day

Produced & Emceed Poetry Series - Santa Fe Borders Bookstore (3 years)
~ Contacted local and visiting poets to participate in the events
~ Organized open mic nights, poetry slams and other readings
~ Coordinated all the promotional activities including print and radio advertising
~ Contacted and met with local businesses for prize donations for specific events

Consulting Services for Poets
~ Advise on how to publish poetry
~ How to organize their poems for publication
~ Which poems to select for various publications
~ How to personalize cover letters
~ Where to look for publishers
~ How to enter contests

Created and Managed an Online Newsletter for Writers and Poets
~ Provided information on local readings, national and local contests, slams, workshops, jobs, writing retreats, and publishers looking for writers and poets.

Employed by The Southwest Literary Center in Santa Fe, N.M. - Assistant to the Director

Poetry Workshops

Arthur Sze: Poetry Workshop
Borders Poetry Workshop
Carpinteria: Poetry Workshop
Spontaneous Poets of Santa Barbara
Carol Lee Sanchez: Poetry Workshop
Craig Arnold poetry workshop in Santa Fe
Gary Glazner: The Art of Performance Poetry
Santa Fe Writing Workshops with Barbara Rockman
Rockmirth Writers Workshop with Judyth Hill
Teresa Jordan: Nonfiction writing workshop
David St. John poetry workshop in Sedona


Poetry Motel, Duluth, MN
Spectral Line, Santa Fe, NM
Bond Is Word, Seattle, WA
Eldorado Sun, Santa Fe, NM
Blindman’s Rainbow, Erie, PA
The Distillery, Lynchburg, TN
Tumbleweeds, Santa Fe, NM
California Quarterly, Orange, CA
Coloring Book, Pittsburgh, PA
You Drive Me Crazy-Warner Books
Thorny Locust, Kansas City, MO
Timber Creek Review, Greensboro, NC
Ideals Publications, Nashville, TN
The Santa Barbara Independent, CA
The Rag, 2000 & 2001, Albuquerque, NM
Kiss Off! Poems To Set You Free-Warner Books
Paris/Atlantic, American University in Paris, France
Sin Fronteras Writers Without Borders, Las Cruces, NM
Rivertalk, 1999/2001/2002/2003, The Little Horse Press, Ojai, CA
The Hell With Love: Poems To Mend A Broken Heart-Warner Books
Mothers And Daughters, A Poetry Celebration-Random House

On The Radio

Poetry reading with host Don McIver-University of New Mexico
Poetry reading and interview-Live with Honey Harris 98.1 /FM-USA
Poetry reading and interview-KTRC Radio with Erin Mc Kennan/USA
Poetry reading and interview-Poetry Talk with Gary Glazner KSFR 90.7/USA

Published Poems & Prose:

Title of Poem or Story located on Left:

I Want -You Drive me Crazy! / Warner Books

Theme - Bond Is Word / Seattle, WA
              Central Avenue / Albuquerque, NM

Return - Blindman’s Rainbow / Erie, PA

That Green Velvet Couch - The Distillery / Lynchburg, TN
                                            Rivertalk / The Little Horse Press, Ojai, CA

The Layers Between Me - The Eldorado Sun / Santa Fe, NM
                                           Kiss Off / Warner Books

He Asks Me What I Want In Red - Rivertalk / The Little Horse Press, Ojai, CA
                                                       Blindman’s Rainbow / Erie, PA

Six Months After - Paris/Atlantic / American University in Paris, France
                              Timber Creek Review / Greensboro, NC
                              The Rag / Albuquerque, NM

Beginning, Middle, And The End - Rivertalk / The Little Horse Press, Ojai, CA

Thirteen Roses - Coloring Book / Rattle Cat Press, Pittsburgh, PA

Ghazal, For My Lovers - Spectral Line / Santa Fe, NM

Fill The Sky - Rivertalk / The Little Horse Press, Ojai, CA
                      Paris/Atlantic / American University in Paris, France

Upon Entering - To Hell With Love / Warner Books
                          The Rag / Albuquerque, NM

Saturdays - The Santa Barbara Independent / CA

Following - California Quarterly / Orange, CA

Del Mar Hotel-2AM - Poetry Motel / Duluth, MN

The Night Raven (Myth) - The Eldorado Sun / Santa Fe, NM

Valentina Has A Taste For Men - Bond Is Word / Seattle, WA

Ravens For His Going - Sin Fronteras Writers Without Borders / Las Cruces, NM

The Atomic Structure Of Paper - Paris/Atlantic / American University in
Paris, France

Small Offerings - Mothers And Daughters, A Poetry Celebration / Random House
                           Tumbleweeds / Santa Fe, NM
                           Ideals Publications / Nashville, TN

On A Sidewalk In Your Town - Central Avenue / Albuquerque, NM
                                                 Thorney Locust / Kanas City, MO

Christmas For Birthdays - The Eldorado Sun / Santa Fe, NM



Won First Place in The Eldorado Sun Poetry Competition, Santa Fe, NM.
Winner of The Southwest Literary Center /Recursos, Discovery Competition, Santa Fe, NM.

Won Grand Prize in a poetry competition sponsored by Terrapin Station Bookstore
for her poem Amassing His Arsenal. Santa Barbara, CA.

Second Place Honorable Mention for her poem, Upon Entering, from Amelia Magazine
in their Nova Trembly Ashley Short Poem Contest.

Won several awards from First Place to Honorable Mentions from the Santa
Barbara County Poetry Contest.

Won First Place for her poem, The Layers Between Me.
First Place Honorable Mention for her poem, Fill The Sky, from Panhandle Professional Writers in Texas.

Chap Book

The Belly of the Sky - Published in 1999 by Spirium Press, Santa Barbara, CA


Paris, France- Shakespeare & Company / Featured Reader
Glasgow, Scotland- Linen 1906 / Open forum
Austin, TX- Ruta Maya / Open poetry forum
Washington, DC- Poetry For the People / Anthology reading for To Hell With Love
Albuquerque, NM- Blue Dragon / Featured Reader
Albuquerque, NM- On The Radio / Poetry with Don McIver
Santa Fe, NM- Borders Books / Open poetry readings
Santa Fe, NM- Radio KTRC with Erin Mc Kennan
Tesuque, NM- Paul White's Poetry Extravaganza Poetry Readings
Santa Fe, NM- Fireside Readings, Inn On The Alameda, Santa Fe, NM
Sedona, AZ- Poetry At The Cente / A Night Of Spoken Word
Santa Fe, NM- Kingston Retirement Residence
Santa Fe, NM- Indian School- James Little Theater / Featured Reader
Santa Fe, NM- Spectral Line Anthology / Featured Poets read their poems
Santa Fe, NM- The Annex / open readings featuring local & visiting poets
Santa Fe, NM- Discovery Poetry Competition / Winners’ Reading
Santa Barbara, CA- Poets’ Night-Lovers And Others / Featured readers
Santa Fe, NM- Borders Books / Open poetry readings
Carpinteria, CA- 9th Annual Poetry Harvest
Santa Barbara, CA- Carrillo Recreation Center / Poets' Holiday readings
San Luis Obispo, CA- 15th Annual Poetry Festival
Santa Barbara, CA- Fall Harvest / Local poets read their prize winning poems
Santa Barbara, CA- Poetry Zone Open, Contemporary Arts Forum
Santa Fe, NM- Bar B Riot Women Santa Fe, NM

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